Daniel Malinovski
October 1, 2023
Investor Insight

September VC Investment Overview

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In September, 280 VCs deployed capital with a total of 332 checks being written.

Overall, 72 projects managed to raise funds in September 2023, compared to 91 in August 2023 and 138 in September 2022, marking a 20% and 48% decline respectively.

The total amount raised in September 2023 was $535,437,700.

This compares to $819,000,000 in August 2023 and $1,594,000,000 in September 2022; declines of 34% and 66% respectively.

Top Sector

The standout sector was "Blockchain Service", which received the most investment both in value ($137,003,877) and in volume (25 projects).

On the other hand, NFT projects faced the toughest time, with only 3 projects raising $30,000,000.

Top Investors

The most active investor in September was @BaseEcosystemX with a total of 7 investments, closely followed by @a16zcrypto, which wrote 5 checks, and @balajis and @HashKey_Capital each writing 4 checks. 246 VCs made just one investment in September.

Despite the significant drop in investment, it's crucial to understand that this is a healthy correction. In times of constant hype, true innovation halts. It's the bear markets that bring forth the true innovators who change the world.

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