October 1, 2023
Investor Insight

October VC Investment Overview

Everyone loved our investment report last month so we brought it back for October, on the first possible morning. View the full report here https://t.me/SimplicityGroup/177… or see a breakdown below

- 235 VCs

- 315 cheques

- 101 projects

- $449.78M

Note: A higher number of unknown investments were made in October 2023 compared to September, potentially impacting the figures.

Investment Decline

Blockchain Infrastructure (-$57M)

GameFi (-$65M)

SocialFi (-$23M)NFTs (-$23M)

Investment Growth

Blockchain Services (+$18M): Secured the most funds with $155.74M

DeFi (+$63M): 40 projects raised

Most Active Investors

28 investments: @arbitrum Foundation
4 cheques: @BigBrainVC 3 cheques: @OPCryptoVC, @polychaincap, @rarestonecap, @robotventures, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates as we track the evolving VC landscape!

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