Daniel Malinovski
December 1, 2023
Investor Insight

November 2023 Crypto Investment

View the full report here https://t.me/SimplicityGroup/188 or see a breakdown below

November 2023 witnessed a remarkable uptrend in crypto funding, painting an optimistic picture as we near 2024. Let's dive into the numbers.


- 332 VCs deployed capital, a 41.2% increase from October.

- 419 cheques were written, marking a 33% surge from October.

- 103 projects raised funds, a small 1.9% increase from October, and a -10.4% decrease from Nov '22.

- The total amount raised soared to $1,066,040,220, a 137% jump from Oct '23 and -24% from Nov '22.

Notably, November 2023 marked the highest funding in 6 months and was the 2nd most investment-heavy month this year.

Top Sectors

Blockchain Service & CeFi led the charge, witnessing massive investment spikes of 197% and 395%, respectively. NFTs saw a 578% increase, albeit in a smaller dollar amount.

Top Investors

, @ForesightVen, and @HashKey_Capital were the most active in deploying 5 cheques each. Another set deployed 4 cheques each, including @shimacapital, @cmtdigita , @animocabrands, and @a16zcrypto .The VC landscape in Nov '23 offered hope for a bullish market sentiment, largely driven by key deals like @wormholecrypto, @blockchaiin.com, and @fnality.

As we head into December and January, historically slower months for VC investments, the momentum might slow down despite this recent surge, but its important to note the cooling off in investments during these months is natural and doesn't represent market sentiment.

View the full report here: https://t.me/SimplicityGroup/188

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