Daniel Malinovski
January 1, 2024
Investor Insight

December VC Investment Overview

View the full report here https://t.me/SimplicityGroup/198 or see a breakdown below.

Funding Stats

99 projects raised funds, a -2.1% change from November. Total raised: $977.76M, down 8.3% from November. December ranked as the 6th best month for cheques written and 4th in total funds raised.

Investment Breakdown

Seed stage led with 21 investments (21.2%).Strategic stage followed with 17 investments (17.2%). 42.4% of investments had an unknown stage, indicating potential data inaccuracies.

Yearly Trends

December's seed stage investments were lower than the yearly average of 30%.Strategic investments in December (17.2%) exceeded the 2023 average of 9.4%.

Top Sector: Blockchain Services

Highest investment value: $278.01M. Leading in number of investors (111) and investments (34). Notably, there was a decrease in these metrics from November.

Sector Highlights

GameFi saw a 424% increase in investment, mainly due to @MaplestoryU $100M funding. NFT investments grew by 222.4%, largely due to @linenext a project that raised $140M.

Top Investors of December 2023

@sora_ventures and @DWFLabs : 6 cheques each.@OKX_Ventures and @waterdripfund: 5 cheques each. 8 VCs tied for third place with 4 cheques each.Increased activity from top investors, indicates more confidence in the market.

Historical Context

December usually sees a dip in investments due to the holidays. In 2022, a 44.3% decrease in December was followed by a 14.9% increase in January 2023. Similar patterns were observed in previous years.

Predictions for January

While December saw a decline in VC funding, historical trends and the activity of top investors suggest a promising start for 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!

Based on historical data, we might see a funding surge of about 129%, potentially raising January's total to around $2.24 billion.

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