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Who are Simplicity Group?

We are a team of economists and researchers guiding projects in the creation of innovative yet robust token economies, and providing investors with critical, analytical insight needed to make well-informed investment decisions.

Our belief in the potential of distributed ledger technology to revolutionise our existing archaic structures keeps us driven and focused on the long term, in hopes that we are helping create the world of tomorrow.

About Us
Simplicity Group | Tokenomics Services and Research Partners

Our expertise

Tokenomics - building tokenomics grounded in economics for everlasting growth
Tokenomics are not just a component of your project but the very foundation upon which a your project is built.

By working with us, you ensure that your project is built on a solid economic foundation, designed for long-term viability and growth.

Thus far, we have designed 30+ economies, and advised 100+ more.

DD & Research - due diligence and research as a service conducted by veteran analysts
DD & Research
Solid due diligence is the difference between seeing life-changing returns and getting slow rugged.

By utilising our expert analysts, you can feel safe investing into startups or delving into new narratives, knowing no stone was left unturned.

Thus far, our team has researched 2,000+ projects for 30+ VCs.

Copywrite & Design - investor ready pitch decks and whitepapers made easy
Copy Write & Design
It doesn't matter how great the product is if its marketability is subpar.

No VC will look into bad docs.
Our relations with investors give us insights into the best ways to structure and relay key information within a beautiful document.

Our clients have raised $25M+ with our documentation.
WeDYOR - deal flow, research, and data analytics platform for investors
Quality projects are hard to come by, equivalent of finding a needle in the haystack compounded by confusing on-chain data.

WeDYOR provides access to appraised projects, market research, and a multitude of analytics tools, all in one easy platform.

We're trusted by 30+ investors and a handful of angel syndicates.

Customer testimonials

Find out what our clients have to say

"The Simplicity gents are an invaluable cog in the ecosystem. Had these boys been around earlier I would have saved myself a lot of money and time."

Neel Gondiha

Angel Investor

“We have worked with Dan and Alex for the last 2 months and their in-depth understanding of tokenomics is second to none. Our team enjoyed working with them and we received a lot of value, advice and critical guidance on the way. Today we look at them as an extended part of out team and would highly recommend SG”

CEO, GRVTY Technologies

M. Kostov

"After careful consideration, we elected to work with Simplicity Group for the design of our token economy. It's been a great & efficient experience, reaching our desired outcome of a true web3 model & revenue flow. I would highly recommend Daniel & Alex as economists over the many spreadsheet based pretenders."

Daniel Pal

CEO, Chappyz

"We now use simplicity as an integral part of our deal flow DD process. Their reports are easy to understand and really useful in spotting and investigating potential red flags we may have missed. We know this will be the case for other ventures businesses too."

Lloyd Purser

COO, Funfair Ventures

“Simplicity helped us a lot to understand tokenomics and brought great ideas to our project’s mission. Alex and Daniel work at a fast pace and demonstrate a nice understanding of the Web3 Space. Thanks Simplicity!”

Luca Kern

COO, Codos

"It was a pleasure to work with the Simplicity Group guys. They understood our project well and helped create a robust and well-designed tokenomics for our protocol."

Michael Chiang

Co-Founder, CruiseFi

"Simplicity Group's expertise was everything we hoped for in preparing tokenomics and investor materials. He was available in all cases to the very end, thank you!"

Hansco Leek

Co-founder, Cryptopia

“The team at Simplicity Group, could not fault them at any point in our time working together. Great in depth knowledge while always managing to get the desired outcome. More than just a service. You get top end advice, ideas, and round the clock communications whenever required. Absolute pleasure to work and partner with, highly recommend on behalf of all the team at VESTN.”

Craig Jenkinson


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